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Check Six – Early 1960s: Operations Personnel

October 25, 2021
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph – click to enlarge

This undated photograph features some members of the 199th Fighter Squadron, including airmen from the Life Support shop and other support personnel. Most of the pilots had transitioned from the F-86L Sabre Interceptors to the F-102 Delta Daggers. In the photograph are (L-R):

5th Row: SSgt Richard Oshiro, unknown, unknown, unknown, TSgt Howard Hironakaunknown, unknown

4th Row:  unknown, 1Lt Edward “Rick” Richardson, 1Lt Lawrence “Cabby” Cabrinha, 1Lt George Joy, Capt Robert Dotson, 1Lt Vernroy Ahnin, 1Lt James “Gooch” Haruguchi, 2Lt Harold Lai.

3rd Row: 1Lt George “Dusty” Kuroda, Capt Robert Hinkley, Capt Alexander “Blackie” Bell, Capt James “Spike” Dykes, 1Lt Charles Johnston, 2Lt Llyod Hiraoka

2nd Row: Maj Melvin “MIG” Yen, Capt James Sato, Maj Padraic “Paddy” Evans, Capt Tai Sung “Mynah” Hong, Capt Jon Parrish,  unknown,  A1C Tony Bissen

Front row: Maj Harold “Big Daddy” Nagai, Maj Ross “Roscoe” England, Maj Kenneth Fisher, Maj Jarrett “Deke” Carr, Capt Don Giddings

Special thanks to Rick Richardson and Tai Hong for the personnel identification

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