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Check Six – Early 1980s: F-4 Training

November 1, 2021
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Retiree News contacted Michael “Mick” Melich for comments on this photograph.

This looks like the F-4 Flight Simulator. It was located in the old F-4 hangar (Bldg 3400) on the makai side in one of the rooms downstairs. I was an instructor and we routinely would give crews simulators in order to practice emergencies, procedures, etc in order to hone our skills. Probably sometime in the early 1980’s.

Mick served as weapons systems officer (WSO) during the F-4 Phantom era, He transitioned to maintenance when the 154th Wing converted to F-15 Eagles in 1987, He retired as a colonel, serving as the commander of the 154th Maintenance Group

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