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Check Six – 1946: 199th Fighter Squadron Received Federal Recognition

November 4, 2021

Taken from the HANG 25 Booklet, the History of the Hawaii Air National Guard, November 4, 1946 to November 3, 1971

The Hawaii National Guard was re-established following the end of World War 11 by Governor Ingram M. Stainback‘s Executive Order of August 3, 1946. The Governor formally accepted National Guard troop units and strength the following day as recommended by the new Adjutant General, Brigadier General Fred W. Makinney.

Among these were four Army Air Force units with an aggregate authorized strength of 353 personnel: 199th Fighter Squadron (SE); 199th Utility Flight; Detachment C, 199th Air Service Group (Ftr); and the 199th Weather Station (Type A).

These Army Air Force units, new to the Hawaii National Guard, were organized September 10, 1946, by Military Department, Territory of Hawaii, General Order No. 4, with temporary station at the Honolulu Armory.

The first commanding officer of the 199th Fighter Squadron (SE) was Lt Col Walter H. Dillingham, but he resigned because he was actively campaigning for the Territorial Legislature. He was followed by Major William B. Morgan who resigned due to pressure of business. Captain Frank R. Harlocker, the senior officer of the fighter squadron, then assumed command.

By the end of October sufficient personnel had been recruited to meet the minimum requirements for federal recognition. Seventy-four personnel were on the rolls and in the ranks when the units were inspected at 1930 hours, November 4, 1946, by an Army Air Force Inspection Team from Hickam Field. 

View the list of personnel who were present at this inspection

General Order 1, 1947 announced Federal Recognition retroactive to November 4, 1946. The certificate above is a National Guard Bureau certificate announcing Federal Recognition under the authority of the Secretary of War.

There was an active recruiting drive of eight weeks duration which commenced on November 11, 1946 and doubled unit strength. Major William F. Nolan assumed command of the 199th Fighter Squadron (SE), December 18, 1946.

Major Leonard S. Marshall arrived in December 1946 to become the first Senior Air Instructor. He was relieved March 31, 1947; Major Gwynne S. Curtis, Jr. temporarily filled this position until the arrival of Col Harold J. Rau on May 29, 1947. Major Chester G. Livingston became Air Officer on the Adjutant General’s staff.

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