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Check Six: Lineage of the 199th Fighter Squadron / 154th Wing

November 4, 2021

Lineage. Air Force Instruction 84-105, “The lineages of permanent organizations are continuous. Neither inactivation nor disbandment terminates their lineage or heraldry.” Lineage entails tracing the organizational actions affecting the history of an organization. The official USAF statement of lineage forms the foundation of the organization’s history and governs the organization’s inheritance of emblem and honors. 

A basic policy of the Air Force is that each organization will have a unique lineage. This policy was in effect in the War Department when military aviation was under the Army and has been continued by the United States Air Force since its inception in 1947. 

No two organizations can have the same lineage, although at different times in their existence they may have possessed similar or even identical designations. A description of the lineage system may be found in Air Force Instruction 38-101 “Air Force Organization.” 

October 5, 1944: Constituted as the 464th Fighter Squadron

October 12, 1944: 464th Fighter Squadron activated

May 27, 1946: 464th Fighter Squadron inactivated

May 24, 1946: Redesignated as the 199th Fighter Squadron, and allotted to the National Guard

November 4, 1946: 199th Fighter Squadron received Federal Recognition and activated. Other units activated 

199th Utility Flight
Detachment C, 199th Air Service Group (Ftr)
199th Weather Station (Type A)

July 15, 1952: Redesignated as the 199th Fighter-Bomber Squadron

November 19, 1952: Redesignated as the 199th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

December 1, 1960: the 199th Fighter Squadron was authorized to expand to a group level, and the 154th Fighter-Interceptor Group was established by the National Guard Bureau. The Group received Federal Recognition and activated.

The 199th FIS become the group’s flying squadron. Other squadrons assigned into the group were:

154th Headquarters
154th Material Squadron (Maintenance)
154th Combat Support Squadron
154th USAF Dispensary

June 10, 1976: Re-designated as the 154th Tactical Fighter Group
June 10, 1976: Re-designated as the 199th Tactical Fighter Squadron

November 3, 1978: Re-designated as the 154th Composite Group

March 15, 1992: Re-designated as the 154th Group
March 15, 1992: Re-designated as the 199th Fighter Squadron

October 1, 1995: Status changed from Group to Wingre-designated as the 154th Wing

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