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Webmaster Comments: TRICARE Publications

November 9, 2021

TRICARE publishes many publications about their programs and services. Among the brochures recently updated (October 2021) are these of interest to Guardmembers. 

If you want to view the entire list of publications, go to this link.

TRICARE Choices for National Guard and Reserve Handbook A handbook for National Guard and Reserve members that explains TRICARE options by sponsor status, health care options, how to qualify for and purchase TRICARE Reserve Select and TRICARE Retired Reserve, the TRICARE Pharmacy Program, and TRICARE dental options. Contact information is also included. Find cost information for all TRICARE program options. Costs and Fees Sheet

Retiring from National Guard or Reserve Brochure A four-page brochure that explains TRICARE coverage options after retiring from the National Guard or Reserve. The brochure describes what stays the same, what changes, what actions to take, and what program options are available. It also provides information on dental coverage and the pharmacy benefit. Contact information is also included.

TRICARE and Medicare Turning Age 65 Brochure A brochure that provides information about how Medicare affects TRICARE coverage. It includes details about remaining TRICARE-eligible when becoming entitled to Medicare at age 65, signing up for Medicare, providers, prescription drug coverage and remaining TRICARE-eligible if you are not eligible for premium-free Medicare Part A. A turning 65 checklist and contact information are also included.RICARE

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