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Check Six: November 1987 Kūkā‘ilimoku

November 9, 2021

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as an e-newsletter today. 

Today we feature the November 1987 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* New Squadron commanders: William Sakai, Steven Oka

* 150th Aircarft Control & Warning Squadron news: Lawrence Sugihara

* CAM Sq. News & Views

* 169th Aircarft Control & Warning Squadron news: Mary Ooka

* Promotions: include Cornwal Matsusaka, Randy Avilla, Carol Keanini, Krisella Tisdale

* Sports News

Review the entire the November 1987 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

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