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Maintenance Still Does FOD Walks

January 21, 2022

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Hawaii Air Natioonal Guard photograph

Some of our daily routines can seem simple at times, however they make an enormous impact.

Maintenance Airmen, for example, start their duty days off with something we call a ‘FOD Walk.’ It consists of a visual sweep of the ramp to make sure all Foreign Object Debris are removed and unable to damage aircraft.

Preventative activities, such as FOD Walks and preflight checklists, are second nature on the flightline and we rely on them to keep flight operations running as smooth and safe as possible.

As shown above, Total Force Crew Chiefs experience unparalleled sunrises, invaluable partnerships and some of the most lethal fighter aircraft on the planet. These aviation professionals are masters of discipline, and they remind us how great things can be achieved by simply by staying committed, staying connected and staying inspired.

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