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Check Six – 1921: 1st Federally Recognized ANG Unit

January 21, 2022

January 17, 1921, 101 years ago today, the Minnesota National Guard Air Squadron was the first federally recognized Air National Guard unit in the country.  

There were 86 charter members of the 109th Aero Squadron – 20 officers and 66 enlisted. It is amusing to note some of the interesting job titles. For example, on the roster were two buglers, one blacksmith, one storekeeper, two motorcyclists, and seven chauffeurs.

Today, the 109th Airlift Squadron is part of the 133rd Airlift Wing, a unit of the Minnesota Air National Guard, stationed at Minneapolis–Saint Paul Joint Air Reserve Station, Minnesota. 

The 109th Airlift Squadron assigned to the Wing’s 133rd Operations Group, is a descendant organization of the World War I 109th Aero Squadron, established on 27 August 1917. It was reformed on 17 January 1921, as the 109th Observation Squadron, being the first of 29 aviation National Guard squadrons to receive federal recognition following World War I.

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