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Check Six – 1961: 150th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron Becomes Operational

February 14, 2022
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

At 0830, March 15, 1961 “B” crew began active air defense operations from Kōke‘e Air Force Station, Hawai‘i. “A” crew left for Kaua‘i that afternoon, and the leapfrog was completed. The remaining 109th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron at Punamano AFS (Kahuku) reverted to training status, except for providing radio relay between O‘ahu and Kaua‘i.

After a week of operational shakedown, there was a “Grand Opening” there with many dignitaries in attendance, including Hawai‘i Lt Governor James Kealoha, Kauai officials and Pacific Air Force staff. Two F-102 Delta Daggers flew a resounding low salute over the new operational station tp close the ceremony.

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