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How to Protect Your Body From Injury From Head to Toe

February 15, 2022

From the nextavenue website

I recently became one of the more than four million people who play pickleball. And sadly, one of the nearly 20,000 who injure themselves doing so each year. Having hit my stride on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I confidently ran across the court and instead of returning the ball, rolled and broke my ankle. Getting injured left me unable to walk or carry anything while crutching around my home for several weeks over the summer.

Sanjeev Kakar, an orthopedic surgeon and hand/wrist specialist at the Mayo Clinic, offers what he calls the “Three P’s” before you head out.

The first is to practice with purpose. 

Second, ensure you have the proper equipment. “Don’t just pick up an old wooden racquet and run onto the tennis court,” he warned. 

Third, use the proper mechanics, including getting instruction from professionals to learn correct techniques.  

With Kakar’s advice, 20/20 hindsight and a pair of well-fitted shoes (apparently), I could have avoided an accident. Here are some ways to ensure you don’t fall prey to hasty ways:

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