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Check Six – 1954: Conversation Photographs

April 14, 2022
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph – click to enlarge

This undated photograph shows (front to rear): a Republic Aviation F-47N Thunderbolt, a North American Aviation F-86 Sabre Jet, and a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star. The 199th Fighter Squadron was in the mission of the aircraft conversation from the Thunderbolt to the Sabre. Because the Sabre was a single seat aircraft, the 199 FS received several Shooting Stars or T-Birds for training.

Over the years, this is one of many photographs taken during the 199th Fighter Squadron’s aircraft conversations.

Taken from the HANG 25 Booklet, the History of the Hawaii Air National Guard, November 4, 1946 to November 3, 1971

The first T-Bird (No. 273) arrived November 12, 1953, and there was no one in the flying squadrons who was acquainted with its detailed maintenance. A Sacramento Air Depot Representative arrived to conduct T-Bird classes and on-the-job training. This single T-33 was in constant demand, as all pilots were required to have their first introduction to jet flying in T-Birds. A second T-33, which arrived later, eased this initial check-out workload considerably.

The first Sabre Jets arrived February 10, 1954 via the U.S. Navy Carrier ‘Cape Esperance’ and were greeted by a large, enthusiastic contingent of HANGmen. There were many willing hands to “de-cocoon” them of their sprayed waterproof protective coverings. TSgt Simanu Afoa Jr., a Korean Veteran, recognized F-86E No. 740 as having been flown by Maj James Jabara, the first American Ace of the Korean War.

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