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How to Find a Financial Advisor for Estate Planning

April 14, 2022

From the U.S. News & World Report website

What will happen to your assets when you die? This may not be a fun question to contemplate, but it is an important one, and one a financial advisor who specializes in estate planning won’t let you ignore.

“When investors think about an estate plan, they may only think about a set of legal documents,” says Marguerite Weese, chief operating officer of Emerald Family Office & Advisory and national director of Family Legacy Strategies at Wilmington Trust. “However, estate planning encompasses everything from the accumulation and preservation of wealth to the spend-down and the ultimate transfer of one’s assets.”

Within your estate plan, you’re likely to have certain goals you want to achieve, she says. You may want to ensure you leave your son enough money to pay for your granddaughter’s education, or to support a charitable cause. A financial advisor’s expertise and estate planning tools can help you create an estate plan that will meet all of your goals. Here are some points to consider as you begin your search:

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