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Check Six – 2002: F-15 Eagle Engine Upgrades

April 29, 2022

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In 2002, the Hawaii Air National Guard began upgrading their F-15 engines to the newer Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220(E). 

The 220 engine eliminated stall-stagnations and augmenter instability as well as doubling time between depot overhauls. Reliability and maintenance costs were also drastically improved, and the engine incorporates a digital electronic engine control (DEEC).

The “E” abbreviation from 220E is for equivalent. The abbreviation is given to engines which have been upgraded from series 100 or 200 to 220, thus becoming equivalent to 220 specifications. (Wikipedia)

John “JC” Chun provided the following photographs:

Photograph #1: several members of the engine conversion team: Richard Castaneda, Harley Kang, Peter Tan and Robert Dekine.

Photograph #2: JC served as the NCOIC of the engine upgrade project.

Photograph #3: the upgraded engine before installation in the F-15 Eagle.

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