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Spring Cleaning Can Make Your Home Environment Safer

April 29, 2022

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Spring cleaning is a tradition deeply rooted in cultures around the world as a way to transition between seasons and clear away the soot, dust and clutter of a long winter indoors. For people of all ages, this practice comes with health benefits. 

A cleaner house is better for the immune system, and can help in the removal of allergens, bacteria and even foodborne pathogens. It can also be a form of stress relief, and a way to stay active after being cooped up inside.

According to Sonya Edwards, the executive director of ESOP Realty, Inc., the nonprofit real estate arm of Cleveland-based Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging, for older adults, spring cleaning is also a great time to start fresh in checking any safety issues that have presented themselves since last spring.

“Spring cleaning and organizing has several benefits that go beyond having a clean, decluttered home, including preventing falls and injuries, avoiding illnesses and reducing your loved one’s stress and anxiety,” says Edwards. “There is no better gift for your loved one than a healthy, happy home.”

Here are just a few ways Edwards recommends getting started:

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