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Hawaii National Guard Unit Emblems: 154th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

June 21, 2022

Blazon: On a light blue disc edged with a narrow black border, a blue horizontal band of stylized water surmounted by an inverted yellow triangle voided of the field, overall the Hawaii War God “Tiki”, black, with red eyes, nose and mouth outlined white, bearing a red spear and garbed in a red loin cloth. Attached below the disc a blank yellow scroll.

Significance: The Air Force colors, ultramarine blue and golden yellow, as well as the National colors, are used in the design. The color blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations, and yellow to the sun and excellence of personnel in assigned tasks. The “triangle” represents the three maintenance divisions of CAMRON – Field, Organizational and Communications/Armament Electronics. It also represents a strong geometric figure generally used for support and strength. The “Tiki” represents Hawaii’s War God. The red spear which the Tiki holds represents the symbolic Hawaiian weapon symbolizing the aircraft and is depicted in red to signify the aircraft’s operationally ready and “Hot” status. The light and dark blue background alludes to the Pacific Ocean, the area the Tiki protects.

Motto: NO KA ‘OI – The Best.

The emblem was designed by CMSgt Robert D. W. Choi, TSgt Rex Y. Koga, Sgt Galen R. Yoshimoto, and Miss Donna Ault, daughter of Maj Norman C. Ault. It was approved January 21, 1971.

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