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Check Six: January 1959 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawai’i Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as an e-newsletter today. 

Today we feature the January 1959 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* New Air Force Senior Advisor, Col Jack Blanchard on board

* Capt George Harris leaves for FAA liaison tour

* 1Lt John Beaumont in Japan to augument the Pacific Air Forces IG Team

Review the entire January 1959 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

Guard to Send 21,000 Troops to D.C. for Inauguration

Guard members in-process at the D.C. Armory on January. 7, 2021. National Guard Soldiers and Airmen from several states have traveled to the National Capital Region to provide mission support to federal and district authorities. Air National Guard photo by Senior Airman Amanda Bodony.

From the Air Force Magazine website

National Guard Bureau Chief Army Gen. Daniel R. Hokanson on January 14 told government leaders to expect 21,000 Guard troops to be on the ground within the National Capital Region by Inauguration Day—an approximately threefold increase over the number of troops mobilized in Washington, D.C., as of January 14.

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This Air Force Magazine article was posted before the announcement of 200 Hawaii National Guard member deploying to Washington, D.C.

Check Six: HIARNG Friends

Retiree News photograph

This photograph shows Stanley “Ed” Toy, and Anson Kimura. It was taken at the Asia-Pacific Homeland Security Summit & Exposition which was held on November 9-10, 2009. The State Department of Defense hosted the event at the Sheraton Waikīkī Hotel.

The conference theme was Securing Population Centers, focusing on present and future capabilities necessary to protect population centers. Attendees discussed opportunities for partnerships in the business, government and non-profit sectors, necessary for an effective tiered response.

Ed was one of several Hawai‘i Army National Guard representatives. Anson, an HIARNG retiree, was a staff member of the then-State Civil Defense.

Check Six – 1990: Desert Storm – From Marine to school teacher

From the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website

Growing up in the Boston area, Matt Malone was a self-described troubled youth. In trouble with the law. A college GPA of 0.7. In his own words, “a shit head.”

Malone is now the superintendent of Fall River Public Schools in Massachusetts. He oversees 16 schools, 10,400 students and 1,800 staff members. He also previously served as the Massachusetts Secretary of Education under Gov. Deval L. Patrick.

How did a troubled kid turn into a leader shaping the next generation? A deployment as a Marine during Operation Desert Storm.

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New law expands VA loan eligibility for Guard, COVID-19 vets

From the Military Times website

Early career National Guard troops who supported COVID-19 response this year may soon be eligible for Veterans Affairs home loan benefits, thanks to a provision in this year’s Veterans Health Care and Benefits Improvement Act.

President Donald Trump signed the legislation on January 5, narrowly avoiding an accidental “pocket veto.” Had he not signed it, the measure would not have become law unless the new Congress passed similar legislation.

When the legislation becomes law, Guard troops who have served at least 90 days of qualifying Title 32 active duty service, including a stint of at least 30 days, will be newly eligible for the loan. The expanded eligibility is applied retroactively, too.

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Loss of taste and smell with COVID-19

Coronavirus virus

From the Medical News Today website

COVID-19 typically produces a range of flu-like symptoms, including a cough and fatigue, but it can also cause the loss of taste and smell. Taste and smell can return or get better within 4 weeks of the virus clearing the body, but it may sometimes take months for them to improve.

A loss of taste and smell is a common early symptom of COVID-19. Therefore, anyone who notices changes in these senses should start self-isolating and get a COVID-19 test.

Changes might include:

taste and smell being less sensitive than normal

no sense of smell or taste

foods tasting strange

odors smelling unusual

When a person contracts SARS-CoV-2 and develops COVID-19, the loss of taste and smell could be their only symptom.

This article discusses the loss of taste and smell as a symptom of COVID-19.

FALSE Guard Mobilization Info Circulating on Social Media Again

Off the Hawaii Adjutant General’s Facebook page

If you see this letter/message or tweet circulating on social media or out in the public, IT IS FALSE (and has some bad grammar). We first saw this fabricated message circulating on social media and through texts messages in March to create fear. It popped up again in the summer and again in the fall, and we’re seeing it yet again today. If you see it come across your feed, please do not encourage the spread.

Here are ten reasons why this message is false:

HHC, 103d Troop Command’s Change of Command

Hawaii Army National Guard photograph

Off the 117th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment Facebook page

Lt. Col. Katherine O. Kalama officiated a change of command for the Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 297th Engineering Detachment and 1950 Contingency Contracting Team. During the ceremony, Lt. Crystal Rodrigues took command from Capt. Katherine Johnson. The ceremony was held at the 103rd Troop Command in Waiawa, Hawaii on January 10, 2021.

A change of command ceremony symbolizes the exchange from one command to the next.

View more photographs   by Sgts Randell E. Corpuz and Matthew A. Foster

Check Six – 1990: Desert Storm – Protecting the seas

From the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website

Dan Zedan chokes up as he remembers saying goodbye to his children when he went off to war 30 years ago.

“I’ll never forget that night. Forgive me if I get emotional,” he said.

Zedan, a Coast Guard Reserve commander at the time, served more than six months in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He spent the first two months as a liaison to the Joint Task Force, planning and executing the war. Then he took command of Port Security Unit 302, protecting ships coming into the Bahrain harbor and advising their Coast Guard.

The U.S. Coast Guard never mobilized since World War II. No one expected they would again, including Zedan, who was a vice president of marketing in Chicago when his 15-year-old daughter called.

“Dad, are you going overseas?” she asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“There’s a war,” she said. “It’s war.”

It was Aug. 2, 1990.

Tsianina (prounced Sha-Neenah) was watching news coverage about Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

“No, don’t worry,” he told her over the phone. “It will be over quick.”

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Health Care Comes to Assisted Living

From the nextavenue website

Traditionally, assisted living facilities have focused more on hospitality than health care, emphasizing dining and group activities, while offering residents day-to-day assistance with things like dressing and bathing. But lately, doctors and other health care providers have been more common in assisted living.

This adaptation can be a huge help to the assisted living residents and their families.

A Retiree’s Guide to Key Dates in 2021

From the Kiplinger website

Planning is everything. financial strategies can take years to put in motion and even longer to bear fruit. The last thing you want is to sabotage yourself by missing an important financial deadline, like any one of these dates in 2021. 

Use this guide as a checklist and reminder of what you will need to do.

HIANG Leadership Visits 154th Wing, Medical Detachment 1

Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

The Hawai‘i Air National Guard leadership team, including the Hawai‘i Air National Guard Commander, Brig. Gen. Joseph Harris, and the Assistant Adjutant General Air, Brig. Gen. Duke Ota, recently surveyed the operations of the Hawai‘i Air National Guard’s 154th Wing, Medical Detachment 1. 

During the site visit the unit demonstrated their mass vaccination capabilities along with other missions sets like Search and Extraction,  Broad Area Disinfection, and Mask Fitting, among others. The Med Det 1, is a unit comprised of medical professionals from many different disciplines, including EMTs, firefighters, nurses, and doctors. Every member holds a high level of professional certifications and are pioneers in  the military medical response field.

View more photographs

Check Six: January 1983 Kūkā‘ilimoku

The Kūkā‘ilimoku is the official e-newsletter of the 154th Wing, Hawaii Air National Guard. The first issue came in September 1957 and continues as an e-newsletter today. 

Today we feature the January 1983 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue. This issue includes the following stories:

* Aircraft Down, Aircrew Safe / Commanders’ Corner

* CAM News and View: lots of familiar names

* Edward Richardson promoted to brigadier general

* MEi/ORI recap

* Sports Nows

* Supply Squadron news

Review the entire the January 1983 Kūkā‘ilimoku issue

Check Six – 1990: Desert Storm – Reporting War, 24/7

From the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website

In U.S. wars prior to Desert Storm, military spokespeople would answer questions, then wait for the next day’s newspaper clippings or the nightly news to see developments.

Desert Storm changed that, when reporters broadcast the war as it happened.

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