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Check Six: US Air Force Established 71 Years Ago

From the National Day Calendar website

On September 18, we commemorate the establishment of the United States Air Force.

Almost from the moment the Wright brothers found a way to soar with the birds, aeronautical pursuits were incorporated into the military. However, it was not until September 18, 1947, that the US Air Force was a separate branch of the Armed Forces.

The Signal Corps was the earliest established aeronautical force in the military. The first missions during the Civil War provided visional communications via flags and torch light from aerial balloons. The Signal Corps didn’t become an official branch of the Army until 1863, making way for more aeronautical training and study.

Since then, military air service has gone through many names and commands from Air Service of the US Army to the Air Corps and Army Air Force. The 1947 National Security Act restructured the United States military and intelligence agencies in the aftermath of World War II. On September 18, 1947, President Truman signed the National Security Act establishing the U.S. Air Force on board the first Air Force One, a VC 54C.

Finally, in 1947, President Harry Truman signed the National Security Act establishing the United States Air Force as a separate branch of the military.

Taps: MSgt John Lum Update

MSgt John Recard Puaalaonalani Lum passed away on 8-18-18. He was born on 10-25-76, and grew up in Kaneohe, graduating from Castle High School, ’94. He was a pipe fitter at Hickam AFB. John served in the Marines and the Hawaii Air National Guard. He deployed to UAE, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

John is survived by his loving wife, Jaylene Wong Lum, daughters Jaymie Lum, Jeannette-Charloette Lum, and Liberty Lum. Parents John and Karen Kaainoa Lum. Siblings, Joseph (Michele) Lum, Jackie Cuban, and Joyce (Jesse) Okumura.

Service will be held on 9-29-18, at St. John Vianney Church, visitation 9:30-10:45, service to follow. Burial at the State Veteran Cemetery in Kaneohe on 10-1-18, at 11:00. Arrangements Provided By: Nuuanu Memorial Park & Mortuary LLC.

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Check Six: Morning Formations in the 1950s – 65+ years ago

– Hawaii Air National Guard photograph. Click to enlarge

In the early 1950s, the Hawaii Air National Guard had summer camps – your 15 days of annual training – at Hickam Air Force Base. There were morning formations in front of your barracks in Area 61. The personnel in the photograph are still in Army-style uniforms because the transition to new Air Force uniforms were on-going.

This photograph is from the HANG 25 Booklet, the history of the Hawaii Air National Guard, November 4, 1946 to November 3, 1971. Special thanks to Steve Lum who scanned this photograph.

Older Adults: Here’s What Causes Hunchback – and How to Prevent It

From the U.S. News & World Report website

Kyphosis, a painful condition commonly known as “hunchback” is a physical deformation of the middle and upper spine, in which its natural curve increases, resulting in a “hunched over” posture.

While the postural issue used to be a problem largely reserved for older women, in recent decades, kyphosis has become a significant health problem for older men and women alike, says Dr. Alpesh Patel, director of orthopaedic spine surgery at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

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Time to Reassess Your Life Insurance After Tax Reform

From the Kiplinger Magazine website

It has always been a good idea to regularly review your life insurance policies to make sure they still meet your needs. But the changes in tax law provide extra incentive to reassess your policies’ costs and benefits.

The new tax law roughly doubled the federal estate-tax exemption, to $11.18 million in 2018. So the vast majority of people who originally purchased policies to help cover estate tax are no longer subject to the tax. The new law also created more favorable tax treatment for people who sell their policies to investors.

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Taps: Rolland Tang Update

154th Wing

Rolland F. Tang, 74, of Honolulu, died in Honolulu on August 30, 2018. He was born in Honolulu.

Visitation: 9:00 AM; Services: 11:00 AM on Monday, September 24, 2018 at Star of the Sea. Inurnment: 1:00 PM at Punchbowl.

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Off Track: The best Taco Tuesday deals on Oahu

From the Frolic Hawaii website

I attribute my love for tacos to the year I spent living and working in San Diego. I ate breakfast tacos on the cheap, discovered how glorious loaded fish tacos could be, and learned that authentic corn tortillas tasted drastically different from what I had known in the past.

Even though it’s been about three years since I’ve moved back to Oahu, those Taco Tuesday cravings hit pretty hard sometimes. So I used my cravings as an excuse to scope out the best deals you can score on any given Tuesday.

Here’s the breakdown by size, comparison with regular prices, meat selections and other deets you need to know. I’ve only included tacos that are four inches or bigger. I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck.

And the recommendations are:

Famous or not, here’s why you should have a will

From the CNBC website

+ Putting an estate plan in place helps your loved ones during what is already a difficult time — and keeps the courts from deciding where your assets go.

+ If you don’t have a plan in place for your minor children and they are left parentless, a judge will determine who will be their guardian.

+ It’s also important to name people to several key roles, including an executor of your will, and powers of attorney for both health care and your financial affairs if you become incapacitated while still living.

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Shift Your Retirement Nest Egg to an Income Stream

From the U.S. News & World Report website

Saving for retirement is understood – you invest a certain amount of your income to a portfolio that’s aligned with your risk tolerance.

But once you’re ready to retire and start living on that money, what steps should you take so your funds last?

It’s a question people who are starting to retire now need to ask, because pensions and other traditional retirement income guarantees are less common, says Jamie Hopkins, director of the Retirement Income Center at The American College of Financial Services, in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

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Check Six: Honolulu International Airport – 70+ years ago

click, click again to enlarge the photograph

Best for Vets: Places to Live 2019

From the Military Times website

There are a lot of factors to consider. Everything from veteran employment trends to cost of living, school quality and even your commute to work could have you living the dream – or make your new home a total bust.

For our latest Best for Vets: Places to Live rankings, we evaluated 599 places, as designated by the Census Bureau, for veteran and military culture and services, economic indicators and livability factors.

Read on to see what we found – and how it might help you pick your next hometown.

8 Property Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

From the website

If you view your financial house, insurance would certainly be the foundation. And the thing about foundations is, we usually don’t know there’s a problem until it’s a big problem. My goal here, is to help you identify any cracks in your insurance coverage before they become full-scale fissures.

Here are eight factors to consider when it comes to your property and liability insurance:

Taps: MSgt John Lum

Retiree News sadly announces the passing of MSgt John Lum, a member of the 154th Civil Engineering Squadron.

He served two years in the Marine Reserves from 1995-1996. In 2001, he enlisted in the Hawaii Air National Guard, and has served in the 154 CES.

Services are scheduled on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at St John’s Vianney Church in Kailua.

0930-1045: Visitation

1045-1100: Eulogy / Family Thank you’s

1100: Mass

– Reception to follow

Burial Services will be held on Monday, October 1, 2018 at the Hawai‘i State Veterans Cemetery in Kaneohe. Services will begin at 1100 with military honors.

Retiree News extends heartfelt condolences to the John’s family and friends.

Special Thanks to 1st Sgt Douglas Pagala for providing Retiree News with this information.

Check Six: Ford Island – 80 years ago

click, then click again on the photograph to enlarge