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ROMEOs Tour New 199 FS Facility

April 11, 2014

The REMEOs recently took a tour of the new 199th Fighter Squadron operations facility Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam. Lt Col Kristof “JAG” Sills conducted the tour.

The REMEOs are retired fighter pilots and navigators who served in the 199th Fighter Squadron. There are flyers from the 1950s through the recent years that have monthly get-togethers. REMEO visit   click on photograph to enlarge

In the photo above are:

Back row: Harold “Ninja” Fujii, Tai “Mynah” Hong, Joseph “Primo” Ah New, Robert Maguire, Robert “BD” Darrow, Gerrit “Oz” Osborne, William “Rocket” Spillane, Geoffrey “Thunder” Avery, Melvin “Humphrey“ Souza, Kent “KG” Gammel, John “Saigon” Lee, Bruce “Ace” Ellinwood (hidden), Richard Hastings, Ken “Dusty” Sussel

Kneeling:  David “DYFL” Lung, John King, Leroy “Stringer” Perry, James “Gooch” Haruguchi

Sitting: Alan “Bizarre” Robinson, Gaylord “Lordy” Dowson, Wayne “Wildman” Wakeman, Harold “Shaka” Schatz

In case you’re wondering ROMEO is the acronym for “Retired Old Men Eating Out”.

Special thanks to Dick Hastings, who provided the photograph and helped with some of the names.

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