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199th Fighter Squadron Patch

December 15, 2015

The 199th Fighter Squadron patch seen on Navy football uniforms

Roger “Dig Daddy” Moore, a retired 199th Fighter Squadron pilot who lives in Missouri, sent out an email to Retiree News and several other retired Hawai‘i Air National Guard members.

While watching the Army/Navy game today I noticed the 199th Fighter Squadron patch on the uniform of number 64 of the Navy offensive line.   Does anyone know what’s happening? Roger A.C.

Brig Gen Braden “Mongo” Sakai, the 154th Wing commander provided the answer in an email response.

There’s two players that are wearing the patch this year and others have also done so in the past.

The two boys this year is Lt Col Damon Pescaia‘s son and nephew. Damon was my 203d Airlift Squadron commander and now my Operations Group commander. Both boys graduated from Kamehameha High School. Number 53 is Kikau Pescaia, his son and number 64 is Blaze Ryder, his nephew

The team allows the players to wear any military patch during the season. These past 4 years they have been bouncing back and forth wearing the 203d Air Refuleing Squadron, 199th and 154th Wing patch. Looks like both of them chose the 199FS during their senior year.

By the way, the boys in the past were also Damon’s boys.

You have another chance to see the Navy team in action.  No. 21 Navy plays Pitt in the 2015 Military Bowl. The game is on Monday, December 28, 2015 starting at 0930 HST. The game is scheduled on ESPN.

Click here for more information about the Military Bowl.

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