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Update #2: Holiday Festival of Lights Pearl Harbor Tour

December 15, 2015

Henry Machado followed up on his previous email about the Holiday Festival of Lights Pearl Harbor tour

Got this info from Kathy Isobe, out of the PA office at Pearl, about the holiday festival lights boat tours being conducted at Pearl Harbor.

If you have base access you can get on one of these tours being held December 14-15 from 1800-2000 and December 16 from 1915-2100.  The shuttle launches from Mary Point landing and runs every 20 minutes.  The boat seats 150 people.

I’m not very familiar with the base but was informed that if you enter Pearl Harbor from the Nimitz gate that you would have to make a right turn after entering the base and then a left turn after the first traffic light to the landing.  There should be ample parking.

There is a tour offered by the National Park Service to the public on December 17 & 18.  Click here for details are at their website

Hope this helps for those that wanted to take advantage of this opportunity.

Thanks to Henry for his work on this post.

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