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Retiree Update: Ken “Eagle” Wicks

April 12, 2017

I went to visit Ken Wicks today.  It has been maybe over three years since I last saw him and Joyce.  Don’t pay too much attention to our belt lines as we had just finished having some yummy number neung (1) Thai food.  We were both stationed in Thailand and love their food and so does Joyce.

Ken is now 76 years old and lives across the border in Washington only an hour and a half drive from me.  Ken told me that the old HANG had a soccer team, I didn’t know that.  Learning something new every day.

He has a laptop, but only uses it to play solitaire; otherwise, too much tension.  He also reads a lot late into the early morning.

Joyce spends her time remodeling the house and works for an animal clinic part time.  Other than that, they’re happy campers as you can tell, care and stress free.

We talked genealogy, computers, bases we were stationed at, Thailand because we had something in common and spirit rats at the hush-house, and ghost stories, etc.  Ken was the Safety Officer and I was the propulsion safety rep. for the shop.  So that’s how we got to know each other pretty well.  We laughed so much our tummies were sore.  That’s it for now.

Thanks to John “JC” Chung for emailing this photograph and comments to Retiree News. 

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