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An Inside Look At One Man’s 6-Year Struggle As A Vietnam POW

May 26, 2017

From the Task and Purpose website

Its account of the infamous “rope torture” is extremely vivid, and will make any reader wonder how he could withstand it for minutes, let alone hours.

Accounts of suffering are never easy to read. Sometimes they venture into what might be called torture porn. Other times, they’re just generic inspirational stories. “Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton: An Extraordinary Story of Courage and Survival in Vietnam ” by Amy Hawk falls in the latter of these categories, but is worth a read for those looking for an account from what might be called an everyman’s journey through the depths of the Hanoi Hilton.

It’s worth pointing out that Hawk is the adopted stepdaughter of the book’s subject, Jim Shively. The book is based on the recorded accounts from Shively and interviews with his contemporaries. As such, it presents a very unblemished account of Shively’s life. It falls a little bit into the category of hagiography instead of biography.

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