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KC-46 Program Finishes Tests Required for First Delivery

July 19, 2018

From the Air Force Magazine website

A KC-46A tanker takes off from Boeing Field, Seattle, on June 4. The program on July 6 finished the testing required before first delivery. Air Force photo

The KC-46 Pegasus program in early July finished the flight testing required for the first delivery of the aircraft in October, the service and Boeing announced Friday.  On July 6, Boeing and the Air Force finished all of the test points for the KC-46’s Remote Vision System, which controls the refueling boom, along with receiver certifications for the F-16 and C-17. Lastly, the KC-46 in June finished testing for receiving fuel from the KC-135. These tests were the minimum required for the long-delayed delivery of the first KC-46.

“With this milestone complete, the test program demonstrated a level of maturity that positions Boeing to deliver, and the Air Force to accept, an aircraft by the end of October 2018,” Air Force Service Acquisition Executive Will Roper said in a release. The test program is now moving on to the follow-on receiver testing and certifications that are required for operational testing, slated to begin next year, the release states.

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