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Webmaster Comments 20.03.27

March 28, 2020

The onslaught of news related to the COVID-19 pandemic continue, and the following articles are of interest to Retiree News readers.

REAL ID Update. The Department of Homeland Security has extended the REAL ID enforcement deadline (i.e., when driver’s licenses and State IDs must have a REAL ID compliant marking, such as the star in the gold circle, to be used for TSA clearance at airports and other federal properties) to October 1, 2021. Continue reading

Army Asks Retired Soldiers in Health Care Fields to Come Back for COVID-19 Fight. A message sent by Defense Finance and Accounting Services, which processes and dispenses retiree pay, asked troops who had previously served in specific health care specialties to consider “re-joining the team” to address the current pandemic crisis. It’s signed by Lt. Gen. Thomas Seamands, deputy chief of staff for U.S. Army Personnel, G-1. Continue reading  

Thanks to Hubert Chang for emailing this information about the volunteer recall to Retiree News.

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