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3 Types of Coronavirus Scams to Watch Out For

March 28, 2020

From the Bankrate website

The novel coronavirus is causing more than just physical harm to some people. It’s also inflicting severe financial harm, as scammers try to bilk the well-intentioned or uninformed of their cash.

“This is a prime opportunity for hackers to exploit fear, isolation and uncertainty for their own gain,” says Tom Kellermann, head cybersecurity strategist at VMware’s Carbon Black.

Coronavirus scams come in many forms, but the upshot of all of them is that they want your money, or your information so they can get to your money. Even if – and maybe more so – you’re trying to help out those who have been hurt by the coronavirus, you’re not immune from these scammers, who are looking for any possibility to trick you into revealing your personal financial details.

Below are three common scams that are being reported, and some tips for how you can avoid getting caught up in them.

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