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Check Six – Late 1970s: Party Time in the Hanger

April 12, 2021

Retiree News asked Ramona Fujimoto for ID assistance for these photographs. She provided the following comments:

In the left picture is: Bobby Ramos, her back facing Stephanie Chow, Doreen Pedro, Lourdes Maglaya, and Helen Kim. Helen was the first female air operations staff member in the 199th Fighter Squadron. She started in 1975, but unfortunately passed away a number of years later.  

In the right picture is: Stephanie Chow, Lourdes Maglaya. Stephanie Chow my high school classmate that joined with me in 1976. Steph stayed in less then 10 years and not sure about Lourdes – if she retired or not from the Guard. Out of that group i survived and retired at 60!  Doreen’s son joined the Guard after her and her husband got out.  

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