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Hawaii Air National Guard: 75 Years of Service

November 4, 2021

Off the Hawaii Air National Guard Facebook page

Hawaii Air National Guard composite photograph

It all started 75 years ago. In the months leading up to November 4, 1946, the Hawai‘i Air National Guard was a small militia comprised of state volunteers who operated out of Bellows Field.

What began as four small units that banded together after the events of World War II, was federally recognized to be a competent organization on November 4 and postured to carry out peacekeeping measures for the Nation’s Department of Defense and deliver emergency services for the common people of Hawai‘i.

With the 199th Fighter Squadron, 199th Utility Flight, 199th Air Services Group and the 199th Weather Station being the founding units, the Hawai‘i Air National Guard’s mission and personnel roster grew roughly 10-fold over the past 75 years. The HIANG force structure now entails a HIANG Headquarters 154th Wing, the 201st Air Operations Group and the 298th Air Defense Squadron, comprised of more than 2,500 combat-ready guardsmen.

Generations of highly trained Airmen have since responded to their call of duty during times of national crisis, overseas conflict and state-wide emergencies, spanning from hurricanes, lava operations, outbreaks and more. As a formidable fighting force, HIANG Airmen have served as a steadfast deterrent against our nation’s adversaries, providing decades-on-end of 24/7 alert readiness.

Today, we continue our vital mission in the wake of many great leaders and family members who paved the path of excellence for us to follow.

Members of our ‘ohana now specialize in a broader scope of responsibility than ever, operating alongside joint partners and wingmen from all Air Force components on a daily basis.

Mahalo to all the HIANG veterans, family members, civilian teammates and those who are still serving. You all are the very reason why we have come so far and will continue to grow and serve this community that means everything to us.

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