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Daring to demystify crypto

March 19, 2022

Off the Ryan Kawailani Ozawa Facebook page

If there was any remaining doubt that crypto had tipped into the mainstream, Super Bowl LVI in February flushed it away. Mixed in among million-dollar ads for pickup trucks and light beer were several commercials from crypto companies — firms and websites inviting the masses to join the exciting new world of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital assets.

These companies enlisted celebrities like LeBron James and famed skeptic Larry David to position crypto as the next big thing, the way of the future, the next technological revolution. The ads, priced at up to $7 million each, were aimed at the majority of Americans – about 84 percent, according to a November 2021 survey by the Pew Research Center — that had not yet dabbled in the cryptocurrency space.

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Ryan Kawailani Ozawa is an accomplished tech writer who has numerous social media accounts. This article provides a good overview of crypto currency.

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