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Off Track: Frolic Asked Their Readers About Their Fave Fried Rice and Got 35 Different Answers

March 19, 2022

From the Frolic Hawaii website

Of course we expected Side Street Inn and Elena’s. Not expected: a pie shop in Wahiawā, three poke counters and a ritzy steak house.

Where’s your favorite fried rice? Our plan was to put up a reader poll asking this very question, but with so many choices across the island, we asked our Frolic Foodies Facebook group first. Good to narrow down the choices, we thought. What actually happened: We got too many choices!

The responses were eye-opening and from nearly every corner of O‘ahu. Of course Side Street Inn, renowned for its humongous classic, was up there. More surprising were places we didn’t even know served fried rice. Within hours, our query Tuesday afternoon had so many responses that we knew a reader poll was out of the question. So here instead are nearly three dozen recommendations, including the exact fried rice variety, if it was mentioned—your fellow readers’ picks for the best fried rice on O‘ahu.

Is your favorite restaurant listed?

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