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Webmaster Comments 20.01.07

January 7, 2020

2019 Annual Report. In year seven, Retiree News reached some notable achievements. In late November, the website received its 1,000,000 view. Over the past seven years, we have averaged over 140,000 views a year. In addition, those who follow Retiree News by email exceeded 1,300. Thank you for your continuing support.

We increased the number of “old photographs” and the reposting of interesting articles and videos from other organization’s Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Special thanks to who submitted photographs for posting. If you have an old photograph, scan it to a JPEG and email it to

Not-so-good news. The challenge of broken links is increasing. Sometimes, Retiree News readers go back to earlier posts which have links to the rest of the article, or another website do not work. You end up with a “404” notice or something similar. Often when websites are updated, links are revised or deleted. We are slowly updating our posts.

Top Ten Posts of 2019. During 2019, we had over 1,100 posts. Among these posts, these ten stand out and had more views than others.

Check Six: 199 FS Pilots – 25 years ago
Check Six: F-4 Maintenance – 40 years ago
Check Six: HIARNG Retirees Sighted
Check Six: Maintenance Retirees Sighted
2019 DOD Retirement & Service Award Luncheon
Check Six: Nike Hercules Missiles in Hawaii – 50+ years ago
Check Six: After Drill Parties – 40+ years ago
Check Six: HIANG Pilots – 70 years ago
Check Six: HIARNG Commanders and Staff – 16 years ago
Check Six: Pneudraulic Shop – 39 years ago

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