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Check Six – 1964: 109 ACWS Close Operations at Punamano

August 10, 2020
Hawaii Air National Guard photograph

From the September 1964 Issue of Hawaii Guardsman

The Air Guard’s 109th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron, located at Punamano (Kahuku), closed down operations in mid-July after 8 years of operation. The site was the nation’s first ANG radar station to go into 24-hour operation. Air Guardsmen of the 109th are now sharing Koko Head radar facility with (the) 169th Aircraft Control & Warning Squadron. When the 169th moves to the soon-to-be-completed Mount Kaala radar site, the 109th may continue to operate (the) Koko Head station. (The) Kaala site should be ready by mid-1965, The Royal Guard participated, and two F-102 jet fighters thundered overhead at (the) close of the ceremony.

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